Future of the UrlTracker for umbraco

The current version of the UrlTracker (v2) has reached it’s end-of-life status.

Umbraco changed heavily lately and one of those changes is the way events are registered. This is the main reason why I’ve decided to continue developing the UrlTracker for umbraco v6.1 and up only. At the moment there’s no working version for umbraco v7.1.

So what happens with v2 you ask? The last release will remain available as a download (archived) on our umbraco and the source will be available on Github, so if you really need to change something, it’s always possible to do so yourself.

Another change is the way bugs and feature requests are reported. At the moment the v2 forum is used to do this and a small amount of bugs are reported via Github. The v2 forum has become a mess and I’m unable to keep working this way, so I’ve decided to start using Github for issues instead of a forum. So there will be no v3 forum and the v2 forum will become read-only.
That means I won’t receive karma for helping out, but I really couldn’t care less; it’s not about karma, it’s about the product 🙂

So thanks you for reading this post and I hope the future for the UrlTracker will be bright again!

2 Replies to “Future of the UrlTracker for umbraco”

  1. Hi Stefan,

    That’s sad news. I am huge fan of the UrlTracker. Its one of the required packages for any Umbraco website I do.

    Thanks for the great effort you have put into this kickass package.


    • Why sad news? I think v2 is a great version with all the features one needs.
      It’s not the end of the UrlTracker you know 🙂 It’s just the beginning 😉

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