301 URL Tracker v1.1 for Umbraco

I just released an update for the 301 URL Tracker for Umbraco: http://bit.ly/301URLTracker


  • [Bug fix (critical)] The 404 Handler returned ‘301 URL Tracker’ as HTTP Status instead of ‘301 Moved Permanently’
  • [New feature] View/manage Url Mappings on the node itself with the new 301 URL Tracker Datatype (ofcourse you must add a property, with the 301 URL Tracker Datatype, to a Document Type and !!!REMOVE IT WHEN YOU ARE GOING TO UN-INSTALL THE 301 URL TRACKER !!!)
  • [New feature] Create RegEx Url Mappings (url mappings will be tried to match first, if no match found RegEx matching kicks in, ordered by Insertion date ascending)
  • [New feature] Option to disable the 301 URL Tracker (add to appSettings: <add key=”infocasterDisable301URLTracker” value=”true” />
  • [New feature] When clicking on the ‘301 URL Tracker’ node in the tree, there’s a button to view all not found requests

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