301 URL Tracker for Umbraco

Just released my second package for Umbraco; the 301 URL Tracker.

I could really use some feedback for my graduation report, so please leave some when you’ve given it a run!

Release notes

About the 301 URL Tracker package

The 301 URL Tracker package is created by InfoCaster. The original idea comes from Soeteman Software.

The purpose of the 301 URL Tracker package, is to create some SEO friendlyness.
Search engines crawl your website and store links to all pages within your website.
The 301 URL Tracker keeps track of all the url changes of these pages:

  • When a document is moved it gets a new url
  • When a document is renamed it gets a new url

The old urls are stored and when someone requests one of these old urls, they are automatically transfered to the correct new url, with a 301 HTTP response.
Search engines recognize this HTTP response and replace the old location with the new location.

All features of the 301 URL Tracker package:

  • Keeps track of url changes and redirects requests from these ‘old’ urls to the new ones
  • Ability to create custom url mappings, e.g. when you get a new website, the urls can be changed. This way you can map old urls to new ones
  • Remove any url mapping; automatically tracked urls and custom mapped urls

Some hints

  • When a document gets a new url, the old url is saved and the document is automatically added to the 301 URL Tracker tree (including all child documents)
  • When one wants to create a custom url mapping, just right-click on the 301 URL Tracker node and click ‘Create’. Select the document to create the custom url mapping for
  • The reason for an automatic mapping is shows next to the mapping url. When creating custom mappings, you can add your own note to the mapping
  • To delete all url mappings for a document, just right-click on the document in the 301 URL Tracker tree and press ‘Delete’. Important note: the documents underneath the deleted one will NOT be removed, although it looks like they are
  • The url mappings are ordered by date descending. To view the creation date of a mapping, hover with the mouse over the url of a mapping entry
  • When a document with configured url mappings gets recycled, it won’t show up in the 301 URL Tracker tree anymore (and the url mappings won’t work)
  • When a document gets moved back from the recycle bin, it shows up again in the 301 URL Tracker tree. When a document gets deleted for real, the url mappings get deleted too

Graduation project

This package is part of my graduation project. Yes, I’m trying to graduate with Umbraco as graduation topic. So I would like to call in your help!
I really need feedback for my graduation report. So please, if you have a spare moment, leave some feedback in the ‘Feedback forum’ below.
Thank you all very much in advance!


  • .NET 3.5
  • SQL Server

Tested on

  • .NET 3.5
  • SQL Server 2008
  • Windows 7 Ultimate
  • IIS 7.5

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