Asp.NET + IIS 6 – Assembly caching?!

The last weeks am employee of one of our clients and me had some problems getting a project, I’ve build, running on IIS 6.
There was a website configured in IIS for the main webapplication, which was already running on their server, and my project would be placed in a subdirectory of that webapplication.
So I deliverd the project with the following files:

  • Aspx pages
  • A bin directory
  • Stylesheet directory
  • Images directory
  • No web.config, because the root application already has one

We just couldn’t get it to work properly and I thought IIS was caching assemblies, even after a IIS reset and server reboot.
After some time someone found the problem; the assemblies in the bin directory cannot be placed in a subdirectory, if a website isn’t configured for that specific directory. So we placed the assemblies in the root webapplication’s bin directory, and it worked!

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